This is the HS-A5076HB Digital Slim Servo from Hitec with &nbsp;Hitec S, JR and Airtronics Z Connector. <br>Connector is compatible with all modern receivers and wiring accessories.


 L: 27.6mm x W: 10.8mm x H: 29mm (1.08" x 0.42" x 1.14")

 Speed: 0.14 sec/60° (4.8V) at no load   0.11 sec/60 (6V) at no load
 Torque @ 4.8V: 2.5 kg-cm (34.7 oz-in) 
 @ 6.0V: 3.0 kg-cm (41.7 oz-in)
   Weight:14.3g (0.5oz) 

  •  High impact karbonite Gears with ball bearings
  •  For use park fliers, indoor planes, small gliders, micro electric helis, MAV
  •  Digital programmable
  •  Slim size case with 2mm thick mount support